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Not playing the numbers game
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We live in the age of data. It is as much as one can do to stop being submerged by the stuff, especially when someone is after our m…

Mon 14th Oct 2013
Honesty and the numbers game
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For the poet, TS Eliot, April was the cruellest month, but for some shooting magazine publishers it’s not April but February which…

Tue 14th May 2013
GMK takes on the Italian job
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The news that Beretta has taken a majority stake in its UK distributor, GMK, may have come as little surprise to many in the trade a…

Sun 12th May 2013
Shooting’s lack of real star appeal
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The latest issue of Gun Trade News features an article by Nick Robbins of the magazine Airgun Shooter in which he …

Fri 10th May 2013