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Thu 7th Jun 2018
Shooter Profile: Emily Pascoe
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Age: 14

Location: Devon

Achievements so far:
- Member of the British Shooting Pistol Squad.
- 4th in the Intermediate class at BS School National Final 2017/18.
- ESSU (English Smallbore Shooting Union) Under 21 and Open 25 metre (Air) Sport Pistol champion.
- Represents Devon in both Under 21 and Senior team event.

What background do you have in shooting?

When we moved from Surrey back to Devon in 2014 I joined our local Pony Club with my sister. As part of Pony Club, I had the chance to try air pistol shooting and really enjoyed it. Pony Club is great as it gave me a group of new friends with the same interests and competing regularly in the Triathlon and Tetrathlon competitions meant I could see I was getting better. I still have the targets from my first 1000/1000 shoot when I was 11 years old.

What enticed you to enter the BS Schools Pistol Championships?

I have competed in the British Shooting Schools Pistol Championship for the last 2 years and have made the national finals on both occasions. The Schools Pistol Champs is a great event as it reminds us all that there are lots of people around the country who still shoot pellet and while lots of us also shoot laser pistol for Modern Pentathlon. The Schools Pistol Champs is a chance to shoot precision in a Schools competition.

Have the Champs helped you connect with people in the sport?

Through the Schools Pistol Champs I have met new people, not just people my own age who shoot but also National and International coaches. The events are always supported by GB Athlete Ambassadors, who currently are some of the best GB pistol shooters in the country.

Have the Champs inspired you to enter other shooting competitions? How has this gone so far?

Encouraged by my results at the Schools Pistol Champs I have really been focussing on my shooting and have been selected for various regional and national squads and academies. I now shoot as part of the British Shooting Pistol Squad, The ESSU (English Smallbore Shooting Union) Academy and represent Devon in both Under 21 and Senior team events. I now shoot 25meter (Air) Sport Pistol and 25meter Standard Pistol too.

On 5th May 2018 I became the ESSU 25meter (Air) Sport Pistol champion in both the Under 21 and Open class. I have travelled to Scotland for the Scottish Open, to Cardiff for the Welsh Open and have been selected for the ESSU team for the Junior International later this year.

What ambitions do you have?

My shooting ambition is to represent both England the Team GB on the world stage. I am aiming for the Paris Olympics in 2024 and Commonwealth Games in 2026. Although as shooting is not as age limited as other sports I could realistically compete at the highest level for decades!

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