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A quick introduction to the guntrader software

The guntrader software has been designed specifically to cater for the needs of the modern registered firearms dealer (RFD). To achieve this, the software has been developed by an RFD and since its launch we have added features suggested by users or to respond to changes in legislation.

The software has been designed to support dealers and save them time, especially since the introduction of the VCR Act, paperwork is high on our lists of daily chores.

Some of the main features are:

  1. 1. A full electronic gun and ammunition register using a barcode system.
  2. 2. It will automatically produce form 11s for your customers and will even notify the relevant police force via email.
  3. 3. A very simple to use stock taking system using the barcode software.
  4. 4. Other features include calculation of VAT on second hand guns
  5. 5. The ability to keep your web site up to date at the click of a button; so no more tedious time wasted having to update the web site by hand!
  6. 6. Tracking of guns sent on SOR to other dealers or sent out to repair.
  7. 7. The new advertising manager that lets you know how effectively your advertising campaign is working.
  8. 8. Plus many other features to make your time spent doing admin hugely decreased....

The security of your data+

We at guntrader opted to design the system as an offline software package for security and usability purposes. This means that your database, of customers and guns, is held safely on your computer where others cannot access, the added benefit being should you lose your internet connection you can still use your register.

This could however put you at risk of losing your database should your computer crash, or does it? To combat this, the guntrader system will automatically create an encrypted backup file which will get sent to your hard drive and our designated secure server. This allows us to recover your register should your system crash meaning minimal disruption to your business.

Here's what retailers just like you have to say:+

“Unlike other software options the guntrader’s software understands the tasks of an RFD and carries them out without issue. It really does cost nothing when you take account of the amount of time it saves.” Sam Kyd - Raker's

"We've now used guntrader for 3 years, we'd recommend guntader software and website. The software makes it easy to upload to the web and customers can then find exactly what they are looking for with the advanced search function." Braces Shooting & Country Supplies - Daniel Pool

"The guntrader software is an essential tool to allow any RFD to function efficiently and advertising on has raised the profile of our now expanding business helping us to open our second shop." David & James Stutley - Stutley Gun

“The fact that it links to and our own website means we can update both sites two or three times a day. We believe that we do 80% of our business through guntrader!” Francis Lovel - Francis Lovel & Co. Ltd.

“The guntrader software is an unbeatable and accentual part of the gunshop/workshop,the hours that it will save will pay for itself, if not in the day to day booking in and out, then for sure in the automated emailing of the form 11. No posting! Perfect! It’s a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned; I should have purchased it years ago!” Lee Butler – L.W. Butler Gun and Rifle makers

"The support from the guntrader team is first rate, previously we had software from another supplier who offered no assistance when their package crashed. Since moving to guntrader we had no such issue. We now do 90% of our business through guntrader." Tom Young - Continental Shooting Supplies

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The guntrader software is used by more RFDs and gunshops than all the other software packages available combined. It is only software package that allows retailers to advertise their guns on their own website as well as (currently receives more than 400,000 visits every month), whilst handling the whole process from issuing sales receipts to stock control and calculating VAT.

The guntrader team will be happy to demonstrate our software free of charge and without obligation.

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