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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We often are asked similar questions from users regarding the site and rules relating to gun ownership, so have put together this helpful page for you to see some of our frequently asked questions. If you have a question not answered below, please feel free to contact us.

I can't find the next button or submit button when I am creating an advert or searching for a gun.
The website will work with the vast majority of modern browsers on most platforms. If you are using a version of a browser more than two or three years old, it is recommended that you update as soon as possible. This is for reasons of general security on the wider internet as well as functionality on this site. Occasionally updates to browsers can cause issues with the site temporarily, especially on mobile devices where updates are more frequently distributed. If this occurs you should try using a different browser and see if that resolves the issue. If it does not then please report your problem using the form below, ideally from the browser that is having the problem.

To download the most recent versions of Google Chrome got to, for Firefox go to or for Internet Explorer go to

How do I use this site to sell my gun?
Selling on has never been easier. Firstly, you need to log in to your account. If you do not have an account you will need to sign up to post a listing. Sign up is quick and easy and can be found on each page of the site. Once logged in you will see the New Advert button in the top row of the page. Here you will find a series of drop-down boxes that help you build your advert and boxes to fill out the description of the item that you are selling. Add some photographs on the next page to help your advert stand out to prospective buyers and away you go. As soon as payment is complete your advert will go live to the site for 1 month

How do I list an advert that isn't for a gun?
From ammunition to clothing, accessories and even vehicles, all of these items can be listed as an Equipment Advert. Firstly, you need to log in to your account. Once logged in hit the Account button at the top right of the page which will take you into your Account Overview. Here you will see the tab for Equipment Adverts, select this button and then the orange box for

I've received an email saying that I still need to pay for an advert
If you have started to create an advert but have not completed it, this advert will stay in the Unpaid list as a draft advert for you to continue to edit, even if you have started over and completed another ad. You may receive email reminders for this incomplete advert. You can delete this advert at any time

I've sold my item; how do I remove it from the site?
If your item has been sold and you wish to remove it, go to your account and into your Account Overview. Select the item from the For Sale list and click the Edit Advert icon on the right-hand side of that row. At the bottom of the new page will be the Status box, here you can mark the item as Sold which will remove the item from the site.

How much does an advert cost on
Please visit for full pricing.

Can I sell my item to a buyer overseas?
It is possible. You will need to obtain an Export licence from the Home Office. You will need to be aware of the regulations and laws in the Country that the gun is being exported to, as well as what licences that the buyer must hold. An Import licence will need to be arranged in the Country also. There are several UK based agencies that can assist with all of this. Please contact for details of these agencies.

How do I ship an Air Gun in England & Wales?
Air Rifles & Air Pistols can be sent via both Royal Mail and Parcelforce. Ensure that the package is sufficiently secured. You must be sure that the person that you are shipping to is at least 18 years of age. For further information on posting Air Guns, contact Royal Mail directly or pop in to your nearest Post Office.

How do I change my password for
If you've forgotten the password for your account, hit the Forgot your password? button in the Log In section. You will be sent an email to the address linked to your account. Click the button in the email and you will be given a box to enter a new password. If problems persist please contact us directly.

How does somebody contact me about my advert?
A prospective buyer can contact you by either hitting the email seller button on the advert, which will go to your email inbox and will not give anyone your email address until you have sent them a response to their enquiry. Or, if you have registered your phone number then registered users will be able to contact you on this number also.

Still having trouble?
Why not request assistance from us and let us show you how. Once you have made contact with us, you can use the link below to allow us to provide remote support:

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