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Anschutz: 'The Champion Maker'

The J. G. Anschutz company has been in existence for over 160 years since its founding in 1856 in Thüringen, Germany by Julius Gottfried Anschutz, son of master rifle manufacturer Johann Heinrich Gottlieb Anschutz. The company’s primary goal was the production of pocket pistols, shotguns and other early models. Over development during the turn of the 20th century and leading to the beginning of the First World War Anschutz became renowned for their quality in manufacturing rifles.

This continued throughout the following years onto WWII where Anschutz supplied rifles throughout. Production ceased at the end of the war when the Anschutz factory was confiscated and dismantled due to the sanctions imposed on Germany following the conflict.

By the early 1970's Anschutz were completely back in the game and their vast success around the world with the Anschutz match action led to the slogan 'The Champion Maker' which it still holds today. As well as its production of hunting rifles, Anschutz is a market leader in the production of competition rifles, shotguns , air rifles and air pistols. Its 22 LR is the most popular biathlon rifle used today.

Since its founding in the 19th century, Anschutz has stood for innovation and perfection which has not changed even in today's competitive market.


Features and Benefits of buying or using and Anschutz gun

The precision engineering behind Anschutz rifles makes purchasing either a new or second hand one a strong choice when looking to buy a new rifle for hunting or target shooting. Most of the Anschutz models hold the same key features and characteristics that make them stand out and easily identifiable when standing up to competition from rifles of other brands.

Anschutz rifles are known for their accuracy in performance. When using the right ammunition, they assure with impressive grouping from a variety of distances.


Popular Anschutz Models

The Anschutz 1517 is a good example of an Anschutz bolt action rifle. It uses the Model 64 action which is a lighter match-grade edition of the previous Model 54. This all counts towards the 1517’s smooth bolt cocking and cartridge manipulation. The Anschutz 1517 is one of the most popular Anschutz rifles for sale on guntrader. This is down to its legendary build quality, accuracy and renowned trigger at an affordable price making it the perfect slick, multi-purpose rifle.

Another popular Anschutz model for sale on guntrader is an Anschutz semi-automatic rifle, the rimfire 520. Although more dated then other models, it is its reliability and simplicity that makes it so desirable.

There is a huge range of Anschutz rifles for sale on Guntrader: both new and used. So if you're looking for where to buy a specific firearm model from Anschütz either brand new or second hand, we can help you.