Beretta Guns for Sale


The History of the Beretta Gun Brand

Nearly 500 years of business have enriched Beretta with enormous experience and knowledge which allowed it to develop specific and superior technology in the field of precision mechanics. Beretta has developed and refined an unparalleled design technology of Over and Under and Semi-Automatics. Beretta holds the notable quality of being the World's oldest industrial dynasty, still being owned by the original Beretta family of gun makers.

When you consider the abundance of expertise and experience that has been handed down through 15 generations of gun makers, over five centuries, it is little wonder that Beretta produces some of the World's best Shotguns, as well as other gun types such as Rifles, Air Rifles and Air Pistols. As such, you know that when you buy a Beretta gun, such as a Beretta Rifle or Beretta Shotgun, or any other Beretta product, you're getting quality, expertise and perfection with any of their firearms.


Features and Benefits of buying or using a Beretta gun

Beretta's patented locking system creates a particularly slim receiver, making the Beretta Over and Under Shotgun one of the most elegant, finely balanced and responsive double barrel Shotgun in the World. Their receivers are completely enclosed to keep out dirt and powder residue, reducing wear and maintenance. The dual conical locking lugs are self-adjusting for wear. The trigger system allows fast lock times and crisp trigger pull. The barrel selector is completely integrated with the manual safety and comes to a precise stop in either position, hindering the risk of inadvertent movement affecting the shot. All of these make incredibly good reasons to buy a Beretta gun

And for any other Beretta gun that is available, such as their Pistols, Rifles and Air Guns, the durability carries over to ensure that even the most demanding tactical shooter will be contented when they buy a Beretta gun. Plus, with other options available such as vast accessories, for example tactical lighting and others available, getting a Beretta Rifle is often a good start for new shooters


Key Beretta Models

The most popular of Over and Under Shotguns currently listed on Guntrader, with double that of the next most popular model, is a Beretta model. The Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 has dominated the Shotgun market for many years now with most shops having at least one in stock. This Beretta gun model has achieved its great success through the reliability of its design and great value for money.

There is a huge range of Beretta guns for sale on Guntrader, including both new and used Beretta for sale, so if you're looking for where to buy a specific firearms model from Beretta either brand new or second hand, we can help you buy a Beretta gun.