Life in the wild west

14th November 2019 Guntrader 0

The video which accompanies this article is both chilling and at the same time illustrative of the apparent impunity with which so called animal rights […]

Licenced to kill

26th September 2019 Guntrader 0

Last week Countryside Alliance chief Tim Bonner met the new Secretary of State for the Environment, Theresa Villiers. Heading the list of topics for discussion […]

You couldn’t make it up

5th August 2019 Guntrader 0

That hackneyed phrase was the one selected by Chris Packham to describe reports much covered in the press, concerning British shooters travelling to Iceland to […]

The Exclusion Games

1st August 2019 Guntrader 1

Shooting sports was forced to yield last week. For all its articulacy in making its case, it had no defence against one of modern life’s […]

What a shower

4th July 2019 Guntrader 0

In August last year we covered the tragic case of Stanley Metcalf, (see: ‘Not nice work from the Network‘ 16-08-18) the six year old boy […]

Three’s Company

21st March 2019 Guntrader 0

There was something wholly predictable about the launch of Wild Justice. According to one of its joint founders, BBC TV presenter Chris Packham, the central […]

Fat Chance

14th March 2019 Guntrader 0

Interviewed in the March issue of industry publication, Gun Trade News, Rebecca Schönfelder, manager of Europe’s biggest shooting show, IWA, mentioned that in the past […]