• Hi John, yes you can, if you log in to your account and click the ‘account’ button at the top of the page, this will take you to your account page. There will be a tab in the middle which says ‘wanted advert’ click on that and you can add what gun you want to be alerted about

    • Hi Simon, there a couple of specialist couriers operating in this field. A few came up on our google search but none that we have used and therefore able to recommend.

  1. Hello Guntrader, I’ve tried to relist a gun, payment has been taken, twice, but the advert is showing as still expired?

    Please can you list it and refund one of the amounts?

  2. Hi, In light of the data breach I’d like to delete my account and remove my details from your database. Can you advise how best to do this?
    Thank you

  3. Hi I have just placed an advert on your site for a digital Pulsar rifle sight. I have just checked it and it says sold. To my knowledge this is still for sale. Can you check this out for me as it may get overlooked by a possible purchaser and i will lose out with my sale. Regards Colin.

    • Hi Paul, The phone icon means you have had 3 phone reveals not calls. Every time someone looks at your number it will be counted as a phone reveal.

  4. Hi , im unsure if my personal details were stored on your system when it was hacked, are you able to tell me if my address,contact or payment details were leaked . If so can you details all traces of my information due to security reasons.

    Hello Rebecca. Re my previous email, sent about 10 mins ago, I have now found how to delete my account via the website and have done so. Sorry to bother you.
    Regards, Ian Topham

  6. My email address password etc for the guntrader site, has been found on the dark web and I wish for all my details to you be deleted. I have tried just changing my password but it doesn’t appear to register, thank you.

  7. Hi for some reason i can not interact with any adverts if i log in. i wanted to message a seller but the advert seems to not load fully and the “email seller” option dosent work . Its the same for my PC and my mobile . Can see the adverts fine if i am not logged in but OFC i then can not use the contact seller function.

  8. I placed an advert on 21/10/2021. Ref 349202.
    It seems to have vanished from your website.
    Please advise on what has happened.
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Hi I have just placed an advert on your site for a Miroku S/S Shotgun. I have just checked it and it appears to me listed as “sold”. Its isnt so, can you check this out for me as it may get overlooked by a possible purchaser and i will lose out with my sale,

    • Hi Peter, If you log into your account and go to the account information section you can edit your advert there. You can delete and re-add your photos in there. If you still have trouble please call us 01666 575272

  10. I have bought a gun. Sadly not as advertised. What can I do to get my money back from the seller? I have tried contacting the seller but received no reply.

  11. Hi, I checked that y 4 x adverts have been shown and I noticed there are icons ,ie, an eye a phone.
    There are a number of persons looking; I understand that but there are also a number of numbers next to the phone icon but I haven’t received any calls ? Am I reading this wrong ?
    Thank you for your time. Roger.

    • Hi Roger, So the eye is views, the phone is phone number reveals (not actual calls) I hope that helps 🙂

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