British Shooting Schools Pistol Championships opens its’ doors to all and asks for help!

The Schools Pistol Championships has been growing and developing since it began in 2015. For the second year in a row there will be seven qualifying events held in October and November, covering a wide area across England, Scotland and Wales. These will be followed by the National Final held in January 2020.

British Shooting are reaching out to the shooting community for help.

We welcome disability hub clubs, shooting clubs, county associations, regional squads, groups, coaches and all, to get behind their local event. We need your support and in turn we hope that the championships will help welcome a new generation of athlete.

Gorgs Geikie, British Shooting Events and Commercial Coordinator said; “Please contact myself at if you would like to help or attend any of the events, I’ll pop you in touch with the relevant Event Coordinator. It would be great to have you as part of the team!”

The 2019-2020 season sees the Championships improve its’ inclusivity to disabled participants.

From the outset, athletes with any physical disability have been able to compete in the Schools Pistol Championships, with the exception of visual impairment and intellectual disability.

However, this season welcomes all disabled athletes to compete and if needed shoot with a support to their wrist only, not supporting the gun. In previous years this has been applicable to just the Junior age group, but now also applies to Intermediate and Senior athletes.

The age categories at all the seven qualifying events are open to all, with only a specific disability category taking place at the National Final.

As a result of the competitions being inclusive to all and the acceptance of a wrist-rest being allowed for disabled athletes if required, it’s the Competition Jury’s decision to ensure all athletes competing for a medal in each Final have equal opportunity. If an athlete’s adaptation is deemed to give them a performance advantage, they will only be allowed to qualify for the National Final and not the event day final as well.

As the disabled category grows at the Schools Pistol Championships, the National Final will offer a specific Disability Final and junior, intermediate and senior age categories.

Help us to inspire a nation and encourage more participants to these inclusive Championships, support our sport for the future.

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