Father’s Day Discounts

Guntrader.uk has been hard on the phone with shooting grounds across the county to find a special deal for father’s day this Sunday. The grounds below have been very kind in joining in with our promotion despite Covid’s best attempts stop us shooting.


All activities must be booked (and paid if that is how they work) by 1st July.
You can visit the ground any time that it is free within the next 6 months
You must quote “guntrader.uk Father’s day special
This is meant to be a fun promotion not a legal fight so the grounds, shop’s or schools decisions are final.
Have a Great Father’s Day.

Braces of Bristol Shooting Ground – Airgun (outdoor range), Rifle & Clays.
North Ayrshire Shooting Ground 20% off a round of clays.
Lady’s Wood 20% off the bowman sporting challenge.
Atkin Grant & Lang – 20% off a round of clays and accessories in the shop.
The Oxfordshire Shooting School – 20% off a round of clays and accessories in the shop.
Avalon & Mendip Shooting Ground20% off a round of clays and any accessories in the shop.
Ivythorn Sporting20% off the range and ground.
Rifleman FirearmsBuy one hour get one hour free on their air rifle range.
Honesberie Shooting School20% off their 100 Sporting package (100 Clays and 100 Cartridges)
Barbury Shooting School20% off a round of clays

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