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  1. Hi there,

    For shotgun adverts, would you consider adding a section for if the guns are steel proofed or not?

    Best wishes,

    Mike Seager

  2. Please updte your obsolete calibre pick list. 9.4mm Dutch is no longer an obsolete calibre but Section 5! Selling a gun this calibre as S58 will land you in jail. 9.5mmx57 Steyr Mannlicher on the other hand is an obsolete calibre but not on your list. If you are unable to populate the list with the correct choices, perhaps you can allow users to edit this field and add their own calibres?

  3. Hi, I have noticed that there are telephone calls logged against some of my ads but I haven’t received them. Is this a common occurrence or is it just me.
    Best regards,

    • Hi Rob, Thank you for your message. The telephone icon represents phone number reveals not phone calls. If you need any more help please let us know.

  4. Hello – the amount of timewasters as well as people thinking they can just buy guys without an SGC/FAC is staggering. Having had a quick look around the site, there’s little to no information to suggest people need these documents (mandatory for shotguns and firearms as you know).

    Can I suggest you guys reinforce this message to ‘customers’ prior to querying about buying guns as it would not only save time, but also educate people.

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