Right man for the job

Karl Waktare: A formidable addition to the BASC council.

BASC Members have until the end of next month to vote for two of the ten candidates who have put themselves up for election to the National Council. As usual those standing are a solid enough bunch, each with something to offer the Association and its members, but having looked at the CVs of the candidates ( basc.org.uk/bascelection ) one individual looks an outstandingly useful person to have on board.

Karl Waktare is MD of Beretta distributors GMK  and as such his commercial credentials are impeccable, but it is not his knowledge of the UK shooting business which suggests he’d make a wise addition to the council of Britain’s leading shooting body. It’s the people he knows. Alone among the ten hopefuls his range of contacts spans the country’s leading shooters (unsurprisingly given Beretta’s generous sponsorship of so many of them). His company’s long-term contacts with the media range well beyond the shooting press. And perhaps uniquely he can pick up the phone to anyone whose day to day activities involve shooting sports, with a reasonable expectation that they will take his call.

All the candidates’ CVs rightly mention the threats to shooting sports and one can expect that in the coming years those threats are not likely to diminish. In that fight, as in so many others, Karl Waktare will provide a formidable addition to the BASC’s numbers.

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