HAIX Scout Boot Review

First impressions: 4/5 

These boots look harder wearing and more rugged than a standard walking boot which is not surprising given Haix’s military and police pedigree. They appear well stitched and put together and feel solid yet still lightweight. Once the laces are loosened they fit well if a little stiff which is to be expected for a new pair of books with the “smart” lacing providing quick fastening. The boot fully covers the ankle rising to a height of 17cm.

Haix Scout Boots

Design, build and functionality 4/5 

The boots are made of all kinds of clever materials including hydrophobised nubuck leather (water repellent, breathable and robust), GORE-TEX (membrane to stop water penetrating but expel sweat) and an integrated PU foam layer with a fleece insole (for cushioning and absorbing of moisture). They have a “smart” lacing system which in reality is a looped lace with a sliding fastener. It has a Vibram leather sole which the blurb says has been specially developed for mountainous terrain.

Haix Scout Boots

Field Test: 5/5 

I gently wore these boots in on the daily dog walk, even on these ambles the boots were extremely comfortable from day one with probably in retrospect no real need to actually “break” them in. The lacing system is not that “smart” in a technology sense it is very effective and allows easy access and removal of the boots. You can also get the boot to tighten differing amounts in both the foot and calf areas allows them to mold to most foot shapes. I gave them a full outing on a Yorkshire moor which involved extensive walking on bog, heather and along rocky ravines and they stood up to all these terrains. My feet were very comfortable all day and there were no signs of a blisters or even any rubbing at all. Due to the dry summer there was not much to test the waterproof claims however I found a small pool of standing water to paddle in and my feet did stay dry.

Haix Scout Boots

Value for Money 4/5 

These boots are a real allrounder suitable for most terrains and outings and I found that I was often choosing them over my trusty pair of wellies even for the smallest of walks. As such I have compared them in price to both decent wellies and to other walking boots on the market. Against both they perform pretty well in the value for money stakes. For the money they offer decent materials, some innovation and real comfort all made by a well-known brand with a good heritage.

Haix Scout Boots

Overall 4/5 

I can admit at this point to never really being a walking boot person especially when out in the field historically preferring my leather lined wellies, irrespective of terrain or weather. However, that said I have really enjoyed testing these boots and have noticed that I am using them much more than I would have thought, and I think this will continue throughout the shooting season. If you are a regular boot user or even a diehard wellie aficionado then these boots are worth a look, yes, they may look overkill for a Sunday afternoon ramble, but their performance and comfort will win you over. I have a feeling I will be now looking for a pair of gaiters to pair with them are they are going to become a permanent fixture in the sporting wardrobe.


  • Type: Footwear
  • Make: Haix
  • Product: Scout
  • Upper Material: Nubuk Leather
  • Inner Lining: GORE-TEX
  • Sole: Rubber

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