Do not use PayPal’s “Friends and Family” service

Some guntrader Buyers who use, PayPal transfers may be being encouraged by sellers to make payments via its ‘friends and family’ option instead of ‘goods and services’. These buyers are unnecessarily leaving themselves without payment protection and are even at risk of losing their money.

How does PayPal’s ‘Buyer Protection’ work?

Making PayPal payments using ‘Friends and Family’ is not recommended UNLESS the person you are transferring to is, as the name suggests, family or friends.

If you are buying from an unknown seller or retailer, the only PayPal payment method you should be using ‘Goods and Services’ will be covered by PayPal’s Buyer Protection.

By using this service, PayPal will fully reimburse you for the cost of the item and delivery if your order does not arrive or match its description.

Here is how you can make a claim:

First dispute the transaction (within 180 days of making the payment). To do this, log in to your PayPal account, then click on ‘Dispute a transaction’ under ‘Report a problem’. PayPal says it will facilitate communication between you and the seller to try to work things out.

Still unhappy? Escalate your dispute into a claim (within 20 days of opening a dispute). To do this, log in to your PayPal account, click on your existing dispute and choose ‘File a claim’.

For more info, see PayPal’s Problem with a purchase page.


  1. PayPal do not cover the sale of firearms including Air Rifles, your statement infers that if they use products and services they will be covered, that is not the case

    • Hi Adrian, Thank you for your message- I have just looked on the Paypal website again to check if their terms of use have changed, But I cannot see anything on there, If you know where this is please can you send us a link to Thank you.

    • Hi Eric, I’m sorry you are having issues. Please call again and we will be happy to help and if the advert isn’t live we will run it for free for you. 01666 575272

  2. I have been told on the phone that on 4 separate occasions people have sent me a message about my advert(s) but Ihave not had any messages come through to me.
    Please tell me why this is.

  3. Hi, I wanted to ask what other alternatives would be best other than Paypal. I’m selling air pistols and individuals don’t want to use bank transfer as a payment choice.

    Is there other alternatives to PayPal that I can use. I cannot use Paypal as I’ve had problems with them in the past. Please could you help give any ideas or other payment options that will satisfy others protection, thanks

    Regards Connor

    • Hi Connor,
      At this time we can only recommend PayPal, Cash, or BACS. This is because we don’t get involved in the transaction and make it more accessible for everyone.

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