Optimise your product listings

Enhance your listing and make it stand out from the crowd with our 3 key recommendations:


Product title is an important aspect of attracting a potential buyer. A well optimised title is the first thing that grabs the attention of the users.

Things to include in your title:

  • Keep the title brief
  • Be accurate 
  • Use keywords that your buyers are likely to search for to find your item

Things to avoid:

  • Misleading information
  • Do not overuse keywords – try to keep it natural
  • Do not use acronyms that users might not be aware of


Images playing a vital role in influencing and can be a decision-making factor. Our recommendation is to upload up to 12 high-quality images. We strongly advise against the use of copyright images of other individuals or companies. 

Product description and features

To enhance your product listings, we would highly recommend on keeping your product description detailed and accurate. You should consider adding key product properties such as history condition, compatibility, warranty, brand etc.

A picture tells a thousand words…..

Well, not quite, but in the case of your guntrader advert it might as well do.

We have recently carried out some research, taking a look at the variation in response rates between gun ads which include an image and those that do not and the difference is startling.

Looking at advertisements placed over the past year, here’s what we found:

  • An advert that contains a picture is 20% more likely to be looked at than one that does not.
  • The more images included in the ad, the more likely it is to be looked at. For example, including three pictures of an item makes the advert almost twice as likely to be viewed as one that does not include any. If you include the 6 photos then your ad on average will be viewed 88% more than those with none. Don’t stop there, why not include the full allotment of 12 photos to show every detail of your gun.

More detail

It’s not just the pictures that count…..

It’s what you say. For example, the same research revealed that including a description of the gun produced two and half times the number of views as one that did not.

Finally, we have some advice for those who are coy about including a price – don’t be, because you improve visibility by 40% for the gun you are trying to sell by including the cost. At guntrader we are happy to help you put your ad copy together in order to maximise on response, but by simply asking yourself what is it you’d like to know and see when buying on line, you can go a long way to getting the best from your advertising.

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