Beretta 687 EELL Classic Review

First impressions: 3/5 

There is nothing new or radical about the gun and it’s a well-known face in the field in its various versions, however saying that I was reminded just what a pretty gun it is and how nicely proportioned it appears. When picking it up it feels relatively light and well balanced and looks every inch the premium gun with it’s lovely engraving and high-quality wood.

Beretta 687 EELL Classic

Design, build and functionality 4/5 

This gun is an evolution of the 680 series which Berretta have been making since the 1980’s with this gun being the start of Berretta premium gun offering. This gun features a Prince of Wales-style rounded semi-pistol grip with beautifully engraved side plates and carved fences. It comes as standard with fixed chokes (1/4 and ½) but can be available with a multichoke option.

Beretta 687 EELL Classic

Field Test: 5/5 

I tested this gun on a partridge shoot in Dorset which I felt should show it off to its best. I was not disappointed; the gun comes up very quickly to the shoulder and swung beautifully, both essential qualities when taking on traditional driven partridges. I loved shooting with the gun, it was a real pleasure especially when using black gold 28gram 5s which gave the right amount of stopping power with minimal recoil. I am sure the gun flattered my abilities and was superb on all types of target.

Beretta 687 EELL Classic

Value for Money 2/5 

The elephant in the room with this gun is why would you buy the EELL Classic when you could have a Silver Pigeon which is mechanically identical for over £5000 less. There is real substance to this argument but if you can afford/justify it then personally I would as it is an absolute beauty when it’s in its EELL guise and reasonable value when compared to other brands. I would however personally not bother trading up to the Jubilee as I think the Classic is much better value in a direct comparison.

Overall 4/5 

I love this gun; it is everything you could want from a game gun, it is beautifully balanced, reliable, looks the part and most importantly is great fun to shoot. There are however two points I feel I should make. Firstly, personally I would not want to shoot cartridges bigger than 30grams through it as I think the recoil would become tiresome and secondly if the Classic is out of budget then buy the Silver Pigeon as I am sure you will very nearly get as much pleasure at a fraction of the price.


  • Type: Shotgun
  • Mechanism: Over and Under
  • Make: Beretta
  • Calibre: 20 gauge
  • Model: 687 EELL Classic
  • Barrel: 29 1/2″
  • Weight: 6lb 4oz
  • Origin Italian
  • Stock: 14 3/4″
  • Choke: 1/4 & 1/2
  • Chamber: 3
  • Trigger: 1
  • Ejection: YES

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