Daystate .177 Wolverine R Hi-Lite

Pre-charged Pneumatic Air Rifle (R/H) - New

Trade seller - Advertised for 304 days until 21/01/2019 for £1,498

Information about Daystate Air Rifles

Designed using a process that combines the latest technology as well as years of experience, Daystate enjoy a reputation across the globe for being one of the leaders in airgun production – with a reliable, accurate action that makes Daystate air rifles sublimely easy to use. Daystate models come in a range of shapes, sizes and finishes – from the light, easily portable Huntsman to the heavier, high-performance Airwolf and the consistent, accurate Air Ranger. Whatever type of firearm you’re looking for, it’s fair to say that there are options to suit every need.

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1. Pre-charged Pneumatic Daystate Wolverine R .177 R/H £1,549 New Northamptonshire  
2. Pre-charged Pneumatic Daystate ROYALE LIMITED ADDITION .177 R/H £1,895 New  
3. Pre-charged Pneumatic Daystate Genus 40th Anniversary Ltd Edition .177 R/H £1,849 New West Lothian  
4. Pre-charged Pneumatic Daystate Wolverine 2 Hi Lite .177 R/H £1,250 New Somerset  
5. Pre-charged Pneumatic Daystate Red Wolf .177 R/H £2,049 New Northamptonshire  
6. Pre-charged Pneumatic Daystate Huntsman Regal HR .177 R/H £899 New Leicestershire  
7. Pre-charged Pneumatic Daystate Wolverine R .177 R/H £1,549 New Worcestershire  
8. Pre-charged Pneumatic Daystate Pulsar Black Synthetic .177 R/H £1,699 New Worcestershire  
9. Pre-charged Pneumatic Daystate Wolverine R Hi Lite .177 R/H £1,449 New Warwickshire  
10. Pre-charged Pneumatic Daystate Huntsman Regal Regulated .177 R/H £899 New Derbyshire  
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