Crosman .22 Discontinued Single Action Model 44 Peacemaker (Rare)

CO2 Air Pistol (Ambidextrous) - S/H


  • Crosman .22 Discontinued Single Action Model 44 Peacemaker (Rare)
  • Crosman .22 Discontinued Single Action Model 44 Peacemaker (Rare)
  • Crosman .22 Discontinued Single Action Model 44 Peacemaker (Rare)
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This revolver is possibly close to 50 years old. The pistol comes in a case but it is not the original case for this revolver. Just one of my extra gun cases. I think they originally came with a cardboard box. This is a unique specimen of a gun, primarily because it is in .22 calibre. Bought as a 2nd hand for silly money 9 years ago and then spent more money repairing it with 2 gunsmiths to address co2 leakage. The last piece of work done on this revolver was a seal change. However, the co2 cartridge loading mechanism is quite primitive and does not allow for a quick pierce and seal process. There is also a kind of a 2inch semi circular tube that is supposed to cover the co2 cartridge that is missing. The cover is purley cosmetic and does not in any way affect the functionality of the revolver. I've used both .22 pellets and gamo .22 lead balls. I always get better power and accuracy with the gamo .22 lead balls. I suspect that the barrel is rifled but can in no way confirm the same given that I have no knowledge of its history prior to my ownership. There is also a crack on the grips on one side which I hope will show clearly in the photograph. Interested parties are to note that the highest chronographed fps to the best of my recollection was in the region of 190 fps with a 15 grain Gamo lead ball. This is going back 5 years at the very least. Happy to field further questions or provide additional photographs if required. It does have a rifled barrel. Made apparently in 1971 or 1972.


  • Crosman
  • Discontinued Single Action Model 44 Peacemaker
  • No Licence
  • Ambidextrous
  • 1lb.15oz.
  • American
  • Other
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