Air Arms .22 S510 Carbine

Pre-charged Pneumatic Air Rifle (R/H) - New


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  • Air Arms .22 S510 Carbine
  • Air Arms .22 S510 Carbine
  • Air Arms .22 S510 Carbine
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This is the must have for the serious shooter, its a dream to shoot.

This gun comes with a Tasco scope and deluxe gun slip included in the price. This gun can take a moderator but it does not really need one as the barrel is moderated.

This refined sporter is all about quiet precision. With its sidelever cocking and loading system effortlessly presenting each pellet to the barrel, it's easy to cycle the S510's action without even taking your eye from the scope. Shooting straight has never been easier or more satisfying. Accuracy is the foundation of all impressively tight groups at all realistic hunting ranges, with plenty of potential in reserve.
Inside the S510 its balanced firing valve metres the power, promoting the consistency so vital for accurate and totally dependable shooting. On the outside, the stock uses ergonomics to the full and maintains the effect of shooting the S510, by guiding your aim and your shots with easy efficiency.
Hand built and finished in a combination of hi-gloss and semi-matt metalwork, this is a sporter designed to produce the best - from itself and its owner.

•Fast and smooth side lever action
•Fully shrouded barrel
•Threaded shroud for optional external moderator
•Trigger mounted safety
•Adjustable two stage trigger
•10 shot magazine
•In-line 20 micron filter


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