Air Arms .22 S510 R TDR

Pre-charged Pneumatic Air Rifle (R/H) - New


  • Air Arms .22 S510 R TDR
  • Air Arms .22 S510 R TDR
  • Air Arms .22 S510 R TDR
  • Air Arms .22 S510 R TDR
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S510 R TDR
The new regulated Air Arms S510 R TDR is described perfectly by its name. First, it's a regulated S510 , then it's a Take-Down Rifle and that order of priority is deliberate and essential. The TDR is a full-specification regulated S510 hunting rifle and is fitted with every feature that makes this rifle a worldwide best-seller.

Where it differs is that the TDR is an S510 that can be taken apart in a matter of seconds and packed into its sturdy, foam lined hard case. The TDR packs down with its scope and moderator fixed, so it stays in perfect zero, ready to be assembled in less than 20 seconds to provide that renowned S510 performance.

The TDR's foam lined hard case has enough room for a riflescope, tin of pellets, filling connector and Allen keys, allowing anyone to take it anywhere. A truly effective sporter.

Take down format
Fast and smooth side lever action
2 x 10-shot magazines with clip retainer in stock
Adjustable two-stage trigger with safety
Adjustable butt pad
Accessory rail
Fully shrouded match grade Lothar Walther barrel
Built-in moderator
Supplied with moderator


  • Air Arms
  • S510 R TDR
  • No Licence
  • Right Handed
  • England
  • 175567
  • 210302/005
  • New


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