BSA .177 Ultra CLX 160

Pre-charged Pneumatic Air Rifle (R/H) - New


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The year is 1854, and an association of fourteen Master Gunmakers was formed in Birmingham, England to regulate output, fair prices, and quality of arms manufactured for government contracts. These fourteen members became the founding shareholders of the Birmingham Small Arms Company Ltd when it was formed in 1861. Now 160 years on from that date, we commemorate this achievement with the launch of a very special anniversary edition PCP air rifle. The Ultra CLX 160 (side lever action).

BSA have taken their new Ultra CLX PCP, launched earlier this year, and added some very special and unique features. Only 160 units produced in both .22 calibre and .177 calibre for sale to the UK market. The special features included are as follows:
Ultra CLX with Sidelever action including 160th year anniversary marking.
Minelli ‘Black Pepper’ Laminate Commemorative stock, with special 160 years logo laser engraved on the bottom of the pistol grip. A feature which will never be repeated.
Colour coded safety catches matched to the rifle calibre to compliment the magazines.
Commemorative certificate of authenticity with the rifles unique serial number hand signed by BSA’s present managing director.
A special 160th year souvenir fabric patch only available to those who purchase this special package.
Supplied with commemorative collector’s edition packaging, hard synthetic carry case, BSA 3-9x50 scope, BSA moderator and tin of BSA premium pellets.


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