BSA .22 Ultra CLX 160 Commemorative Edition

Pre-charged Pneumatic Air Rifle (R/H) - New


  • BSA .22 Ultra CLX 160 Commemorative Edition
  • BSA .22 Ultra CLX 160 Commemorative Edition
  • BSA .22 Ultra CLX 160 Commemorative Edition
  • BSA .22 Ultra CLX 160 Commemorative Edition
  • BSA .22 Ultra CLX 160 Commemorative Edition
  • BSA .22 Ultra CLX 160 Commemorative Edition
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Seize the opportunity to be the proud owner of one of these prestigious, BSA Ultra CLX air rifle packages. Crafted from BSA's 160 years of passionate airgun manufacturing and know how, to commemorate their time at the forefront of British engineering at Birmingham's Armoury Road. This gun is number 46 out of 160.

Supplied with commemorative collector’s edition packaging, hard synthetic carry case, BSA 3-9x50 scope, BSA moderator and tin of BSA premium pellets.

BSA Guns have decided upon the sidelever action as an innovative way of enhancing this one-off edition. Taking inspiration from the BSA Defiant and incorporating that into a traditional carbine/rifle PCP. A smooth robust action which ergonomically fits and functions perfectly on this unique BSA sporter.

The prestige Minelli stock is made from their ‘Black Pepper’ laminate, a favourite with BSA and its customers. On this commemorative model a specially engraved anniversary marking has been laser engraved onto the stock, and will also appear etched on the guns action, making no mistake this is a very special BSA collector’s edition.

The resulting rifle is elegant, beautiful to behold from any angle and is immediately recognisable as BSA, holding true to their long term ethos on how to make fantastic air rifles.

Ultra CLX with Sidelever action including 160th year anniversary marking.
Minelli ‘Black Pepper’ Laminate Commemorative stock, with special 160 years logo laser engraved on the bottom of the pistol grip. A feature which will never be repeated.
Colour coded safety catches matched to the rifle calibre to compliment the magazines.
Commemorative certificate of authenticity with the rifles unique serial number hand signed by BSA’s present managing director.
A special 160th year souvenir fabric patch only available to those who purchase this special package.


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  • Ultra CLX 160 Commemorative Edition
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  • U22046-160
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