Gamo .22 Maxima

Break Barrel - Spring Air Rifle (R/H) - S/H

Trade seller - Advertised for 49 days until 20/09/2019 for £175

Information about Gamo Air Rifles

Gamo have over 50 years experience in specifically designing high powered adult air rifles and airguns. Their stand-out products have made Gamo the largest manufacturer of airguns in Europe providing high quality power, accuracy and a superb finish with all their rifles. These airguns are designed to be used for target shooting, small game hunting and pest control. Due to their durable, lightweight and trusty build, Gamo are the favourite for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. There are a huge range of Gamo air rifles available here at guntrader, from junior rifles to full power guns.

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2. Break Barrel - Spring Gamo Whisper X .22 R/H £160 S/H Devon  
3. Break Barrel - Spring Gamo Junior Expo .22 R/H £75 S/H Somerset  
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5. Break Barrel - Spring Gamo Hornet .22 R/H £120 S/H Gloucestershire  
6. Break Barrel - Spring Gamo Hornet .22 Amb. £99 S/H Suffolk  
7. Break Barrel - Spring Gamo Maxxim Elite .22 R/H £225 S/H Essex  
8. Break Barrel - Spring Gamo Maxim Elite Tactical .22 R/H £279 S/H Essex  
9. Break Barrel - Spring Gamo Maxxim Elite 0 .22 £195 S/H Somerset  
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