SMK .22 XS 19 Supergrade Tuned

Break Barrel - Spring Air Rifle (Ambidextrous) - S/H

Private seller - Advertised for 33 days until 22/11/2022 for £155

Information about SMK Air Rifles

SMK supplies highly-popular air rifles designed to offer “brilliant customer value” with realistic pricing. The company draws on decades of experience, equipping three generations of shooters across the UK. Its goal is to offer “over-engineered products which seem under-priced”, keeping the sport of shooting fun and challenging – at an affordable price. SMK specialises in sensibly-priced air rifles, which incorporate the features of guns many times their price. Its stock is ideal for beginners and seasoned shooting aficionados alike, with a price entry-level shooters can afford and the sophisticated features experienced sportspeople love.

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2. Break Barrel - Spring SMK xs19 .22 Amb. £140 S/H Suffolk  
3. Break Barrel - Spring SMK Mod 19 .22 Amb. £80 S/H Surrey  
4. Break Barrel - Spring SMK Mod 19 .22 R/H £110 S/H Suffolk  
5. Break Barrel - Spring SMK XS36-1 .22 R/H £95 S/H East Sussex  
6. Break Barrel - Spring SMK SMK19 .22 R/H £125 S/H Buckinghamshire  
7. Break Barrel - Spring SMK XS208 .22 Amb. £100 S/H Lancashire  
8. Break Barrel - Spring SMK XS20 Stage 1 Tuned .22 Amb. £155 S/H Greater Manchester  
9. Break Barrel - Spring SMK TH208 Thumbhole Sporter .22 R/H £150 S/H Strathclyde  
10. Break Barrel - Spring SMK Model 19 .22 R/H £130 S/H Strathclyde  
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