SMK .22 P10 "Shorty"

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  • SMK .22 P10
  • SMK .22 P10
  • SMK .22 P10
  • SMK .22 P10 "Shorty"
  • SMK .22 P10 "Shorty"
  • SMK .22 P10 "Shorty"
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The Artemis P10 "Shorty" rifle is a fantastic little tool for the hunter looking for a more compact package when stalking in a tight space. The P10 comes with all the features you would expect from a full sized PCP whilst only being 31 inches long!

The P10 comes with a two stage adjustable trigger for increased accuracy and consistency and due to its bullpup design (with the magazine and action at the rear of the rifle) you still end up with a full sized barrel at 66cm so there's no sacrifice in accuracy compared to the short barrelled rifles on the market. A weaver rail is also fitted to the P10 which offers superior scope stability compared to a standard dovetail rail.

A regulator is also fitted as standard further enhancing the rifle's consistency and accuracy whilst boosting its shot count with up to 100 full power shots per fill, more than some full length rifles.

The P10 also comes with a single shot tray for the target shooters amongst us and an 11 shot self indexing magazine for the hunters. A full set of replacement seals and allen keys for servicing the rifle in the future also comes with the "Shorty" but for peace of mind the P10 also comes with our own 1 year warranty.

The rifle has been through our chronograph with an 11 shot string returning a maximum of 11.33ftlbs of energy while firing the 14.66grn Remington Field Target Trophy pellets with the standard variation per pellet being only 5 feet per second.

A tin of Remington Baracuda pellets will be included with the sale and any customers are welcome to try the rifle on our small farm range before purchase.

If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch.


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