Snowpeak .177 MAT 300

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  • Snowpeak .177 MAT 300
  • Snowpeak .177 MAT 300
  • Snowpeak .177 MAT 300
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Snowpeak MAT300 Match 10m Target Rifle Adjustable Laminate

MAT 300 is an entry level match PCP. This is 6ft lbs ideal for 10 metre air rifle shooting and bell target shooting. This is 6ft lbs 10metre Air Rifle

"Well what can we say the Snowpeak MAT300 10 metre Air Rifle is fantastic retailing at just under £1000 it comes with front and rear diopter sights and includes hard case. Fully adjustable stock in blue laminate adjustable butt pad and adjustable cheekpiece. Its very comfortable and light at just over 3kg!! Side lever locking mechanism. I used to do Bell Target shooting and have to say this is something very special and affordable.

The calibre is 4.5mm .177. The safety is manual. It is a precision fully regulated airrifle. And there is a adjustable match stock for perfect fit. The smooth appearance and unique design appreciated by many customers. Side lever mechanism includes front rear diopter sights which are of excellent quality includes a hard case also.

This is the rare blue laminate version


1.Entry level match PCP air rifle

2.Single Shot

3.Precision fully regulated

4.Adjustable match stock for perfect fit

5.Multi match trigger


1.Caliber: 4.5mm

2.Speed: 7.5J

3.Safety: Manual Safety

4.L.W.H.: 1080*245*67mm

5.Weight: 3.3 kg


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