Barrett 6.5mm Creedmoor Fieldcraft (INC SCOPE & SOUND MODERATO)

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The Barrett Fieldcraft was developed because Barrett could not find the perfect hunting rifle. This rifle is designed to be carried further on long days in the field and perform like a Barrett at that critical moment. The stock is crafted from carbon fiber to provide a light yet rigid platform for shooting from field positions. The actions are scaled for their specific caliber and precision barrels contoured for their application.

The Barrett Fieldcraft is the perfect combination of ultra lightweight design and heavy-duty performance. Yet another example of how Barrett is going to greater lengths for the precision shooter.

To address a common weak point seen in Remington 700 clones, the bolt handle is attached to the bolt using a t-groove, rigidly fitted and pinned in place rather than traditional solder or welding. This prevents bolt handle failure by reducing the risk of joint corrosion or weakness.

Exceptional accuracy is achieved with with the 18.5" threaded barrel being precision-honed, button-rifled and twice stress relieved. They are chambered, contoured and crowned on the same machines that make precision barrels for MRAD, Model 98B and M107, providing unparalleled accuracy in a hunting rifle.

Barrett addressed any foreseeable mounting issues by using a total of 5 #8-40 screw holes in the top of the receiver provides the user flexibility to move the front mount forward or aft. A single, concentric mounting plane lends itself to better alignment of the font and rear rings once mounted.

All models come with a crisp single-stage Timney trigger. The trigger pull is user-adjustable, but comes from the factory set to an optimal weight.


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  • Nikko Sterling 4.5-16x50
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