Browning .22 LR

Pump Action Rifle (R/H) - S/H


  • Browning .22 LR
  • Browning .22 LR
  • Browning .22 LR
  • Browning .22 LR
  • Browning .22 LR
  • Browning .22 LR
  • Browning .22 LR
  • Browning .22 LR
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.22 Rim Fire Quick Take Down Pump Action Rifle from Browning FN in Belgium. Undo the knurled screw to the back end of the action and pull out over. The stock and action housing simply detach from the barrel inner mechanism. Makes these rifles superbly easy to clean and maintain. Also very discreet to tuck away in a ruck sack etc. while camping or for general transport.

Other than one of the screws missing from the Corn Cob Forend the rifle is in generally excellent condition. Certainly given its age. Thankfully the original open sights are still in place. Even down to the sliding elevation ramp blade so often lost and long gone. Windage is adjusted on the front sight bead. That all said, the action is also dovetailed to accept standard type rings for a scope of your choice. Inch or 30mm tube.

Trigger Guard mounted Cross Action Push Through Safety so good for either hand operation.

Another GREAT feature on older rifles like these is the High Capacity Tubular Magazine set into the stock. Near IMPOSSIBLE to lose no matter where you are.
21 7/8” (555mm) Original Unthreaded Barrel. 13 5/8” (345mm) pull to the Strong Strained Grain Stock. All together 39 1/8” (995mm) O/A and weighing in at 4 Lbs 13 ½ oz (2.199 Kg).

Just an Absolute CLASSIC as well as Iconic Sporting Vintage and Collectable Rifle. Beautifully Designed and built. Still perfectly good to get out and also use. The previous owner assures me it’s still a VERY accurate rifle.


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  • Right Handed
  • 21 ⅞"
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  • 4lb.14oz.
  • Belgium
  • 120132
  • 210512/002
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