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  • Browning .22 LR
  • Browning .22 LR
  • Browning .22 LR
  • Browning .22 LR
  • Browning .22 LR
  • Browning .22 LR
  • Browning .22 LR
  • Browning .22 LR
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FN Belgian Browning .22 Rim Fire Semi-Automatic Take Down Sporting Rifle and a FIRM favourite of mine. AMAZING in their simplicity of design as well as build quality. For cleaning the barrel takes about 3 seconds to remove. The action block comes out in the same time scale. You are then left with 6 basic pieces: Barrel now awaiting a brush through. The action block consists mainly of the other 5. Main Slide Block, Two Guide Rods and Two Springs. There are a couple of other small parts. However, for general maintenance and / or cleaning these rifles are simply STUPIDLY easy. Little wonder J.M. Browning is still held in such esteem. As well as recognised and considered to be something of a genius where gun design is. Another wonderful feature is bottom ejection so no spent cases flying past people’s faces. As such PERFECT for either hand shooting.

If you have never had the pleasure of looking at one of these there is an open invitation. Just don’t be surprised if you end up wanting one!

This example:

19 ¼”(490mm) Original none threaded barrel still retaining the Open / Iron V sights. Stock gives a pull length at 13 ¾” (350mm) and brings in an overall length of 37” (940mm). An ounce over 5 lbs dead (2.292 Kg). These are rifles that you CAN easily wander around with ALL day or night and not get even remotely tired.

The stock also houses the tubular magazine which is near impossible to lose. Simply twist and either pull out completely or far enough to allow loading through the funnel feed. Seen to the R/H cheek of the stock.

This is a more recent example with the Wider Forend, Heavier Profile Pistol Grip Stock.

The action is also pre-machined to offer a Full Length Scope Mount Standard Dovetail.

A couple of small, minor blemishes but otherwise a VERY clean example given the age it will be.

Chequering is still pretty clean and sharp. The stock also features some Nice but light Tiger Stripe Cross Grain Highlights and Patterning.

The barrel can be threaded for a sound moderator in our own work shop at a reduced rate if required. Personally, to me, the sound of the bullet striking home is louder than firing the gun with or without one. However, each to their own.


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