Browning .17 HMR T Bolt Composite Sporter

Straight Pull Rifle (R/H) - S/H


  • Browning .17 HMR T Bolt Composite Sporter
  • Browning .17 HMR T Bolt Composite Sporter
  • Browning .17 HMR T Bolt Composite Sporter
  • Browning .17 HMR T Bolt Composite Sporter
  • Browning .17 HMR T Bolt Composite Sporter
  • Browning .17 HMR T Bolt Composite Sporter
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T Bolt .17 HMR Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle from Browning. This rifle could well be BRAND NEW. It IS THAT clean. Also, bear in mind the rifle is actually date stamped to 2012 which corresponds to the date letters of the serial number (Z – 1 and Y - 2). The ONLY place this rifle can possibly have been is locked away in a cabinet that someone lost the key!

Basically if I did not tell you this is not new you would not know. IT IS THAT GOOD!

These Synthetic Stocked Sporter Rifles come with two ‘Figure of 8’ Rotary 10 shot magazines. One sits neatly flush withing the butt plate and the other again flush into its magazine housing. Pull length is 13 ½” (343mm). Overall the rifle is a ‘bone crushing’ 4 Lbs 7 ½ oz (2.027 Kg) and 34 ¾” (883mm) long. As such EXTREMELY light weight as well as compact. Standard 16 ½” (420mm) pre-threaded ½” x 20 UNF ready for a sound moderator of your choice.. Just ask as plenty of options in stock.

A GREAT saving for not having a cardboard box to throw away. That said if you want a cardboard box I probably have one OR just pay full price and get an actual new one.


If you have not, as yet, had hold of one of these SUPER lightweight little rifles you SHOULD. The straight pull action gives a faster reload time. The minimal weight means you hardly know you are carrying it, especially over a long walk about day, say on the moors thinning those rabbits out and the compact and general feel of the gun is something most people appreciate and like…and generally end up buying. MORE than happy to put a full package deal together to include a scope, sound moderator and anything else required.

To all customers old and new some news….. THE NEW WEB SITE IS NOW FINALLY LIVE!…..CHECK IT OUT….comments appreciated.
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  • T Bolt Composite Sporter
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  • 4lb.8oz.
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  • 200824/008
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