BSA .22 LR Century

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  • BSA .22 LR Century
  • BSA .22 LR Century
  • BSA .22 LR Century
  • BSA .22 LR Century
  • BSA .22 LR Century
  • BSA .22 LR Century
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Far from common these days in comparison to the more usual Sportsman and Super Sport versions (and even they are getting fewer and further between), This is the ‘Century’ model which came with the semi heavy weight Target or Varmint 26” barrel. This is now threaded ½” UNF to take any standard sound moderator and set into the 12 ¾£ stock with a ‘Beaver Tale’ Forend. This is actually heavy enough to fit a target rifle accessory rail if need be. For target shooting I would suggest this be done as there are a couple of screw holes from bipod / sling swivel studs!
At present the rifle is fitted with the single shot magazine adaptor platform. For an additional fee I DO actually have some 5 shot magazine options from the Super Sport version and these are fully interchangeable. HOWEVER they are like the proverbial Rocking Horse ‘Doo Doo’ and do not come cheap. (It normally means scrapping a rifle which involves a lot of paperwork and effort AND whatever price the original rifle was. The target element holder to the grip cap is there but empty and the action is pre drilled ready to take a set of dovetail bases for a scope OR an adjustable target sight (PH 16 or 17(?)) or similar. A great candidate for anyone shooting vintage target competition or alternatively a great option for anyone who prefers a good weight to his rabbiting set up.


  • BSA
  • Century
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  • Right Handed
  • English
  • V2985
  • 161117/011
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