CZ .17 HMR 452-2E-ZKM American

Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - New


  • CZ .17 HMR 452-2E-ZKM American
  • CZ .17 HMR 452-2E-ZKM American
  • CZ .17 HMR 452-2E-ZKM American
  • CZ .17 HMR 452-2E-ZKM American
  • CZ .17 HMR 452-2E-ZKM American
  • CZ .17 HMR 452-2E-ZKM American
  • CZ .17 HMR 452-2E-ZKM American
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STILL the sought after model / version of this ever popular rim fire rifle. Now superseded by a completely new option but still VERY desirable with many preferring these originals.

This is the Standard Sporting Weight option with the original FULL LENGTH 22 ½” (565mm) Blued Barrel and Action. Pre threaded in a standard ½” x 20 UNF, ready for a sound moderator of your choice. The longer barrels SHOULD help hold a tighter group over greater distance. IDEAL for anyone wanting an effective and inexpensive vermin control rifle capable of effective long range shots. NO, not a great choice in windy conditions. However on a calm day with a good scope these are seriously hard to beat. I used to have hours of great shooting laid prone with a good scope and bi-pod. Following a tractor either planting or harvesting and controlling crows and anything else allowed as they dropped in behind.

BRAND NEW AGE OLD CLASSIC. Well-loved older model .17 HMR American Model 452-2E ZKM Bolt Action Sporting Weight Bolt Action Rifle from CZ. Tucked away in storage along with another two examples, almost forgotten about!

13 7/8” (353mm) Walnut stock with a Nice Strong Straight Grain. Overall the rifle measures out to 40 ¾” (1036mm) and tips the scales at 6 Lbs 7 ½ oz (2.938  Kg) dead.


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  • CZ
  • 452-2E-ZKM American
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • 22 ½"
  • 13 ⅞"
  • 6lb.8oz.
  • Czechia
  • A237982
  • 171222/007
  • New


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