CZ .17 HMR 457 Royal

Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - New


  • CZ .17 HMR 457 Royal
  • CZ .17 HMR 457 Royal
  • CZ .17 HMR 457 Royal
  • CZ .17 HMR 457 Royal
  • CZ .17 HMR 457 Royal
  • CZ .17 HMR 457 Royal
  • CZ .17 HMR 457 Royal
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PICTURES TO COME hopefully this afternoon.
FINALLY arrived in stock with more due and also in .22 Rim Fire but the promise of a March delivery has now passed so its a 'wait and see' job! Trouble has been the massively high demand for this brand new model from CZ for 2019.
Basically it is a COMPLETE and comprehensive BRAND NEW DESIGN with the only thing the same from previous models being the magazine!
Higher Grade Walnut with a reducing in size, contoured forend sporting fine cut chequering in three sections with a matching Finial motif here as well as to the pistol grip areas. Sling swivels are also upgraded from standard and are double screwed to the flush inlayed back plate for ultimate security.
The NEW ACTION features a Mauser style Side Lever Bolt release and the bolt itself now comes with a built in cocking indicator. The side mounted safety lever pushes forward to the FIRE position and comes with a decent enough sized thumb push / pull and very quiet in operation too. Overall this shorter barrel version finishes up at a compact 34" (863mm) from the Rubber recoil pad to the ready threaded, standard 1/2" UNF muzzle (with thread cap included).
Bare rifle weighs in at 5 1/2 Lbs dead (2.498Kg). The Silver finished trigger is readily user adjustable and everything is finished off with a stained forend nose tip to just add that extra touch of class.
If you want the manufacturers / Edgar Brothers 'official blurb' email me and I can send over the link and details etc. but in REALITY these DO LOOK and ARE CRACKING little rifles that have taken their previous versions to a whole new level. Admittedly the price does reflect this but (to me) they are EXCELLENT value for what you get.


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  • 457 Royal
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