CZ .22 Hornet 527 American

Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - S/H


  • CZ .22 Hornet 527 American
  • CZ .22 Hornet 527 American
  • CZ .22 Hornet 527 American
  • CZ .22 Hornet 527 American
  • CZ .22 Hornet 527 American
  • CZ .22 Hornet 527 American
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Just about AS NEW example of this .22 Hornet Bolt Action Rifle Model 527 from BRNO ARMS CZ. From a time before the two companies split and went their own ways.

EXCELLENT condition throughout and, as said already, all but Brand New Condition inside and out. 21 ¾” (553mm) Barrel Threaded ½” x 20 UNF ready for a sound moderator. PLENTY of new or pre-used in stock to choose from too.

A Strong Straight Grained Hogs Back Style Walnut stock. A Nice Dark Grain Stripe Contrast running right through from tip to butt pad. Chequering is still very clean and crisp and trigger pull length measures to a 13 5/8” pull. Overall the rifle weighs in at a very easy 6 Lbs 1 oz (2.758 Kg) and 40 ¼” (1020mm) long.

Fully Adjustable Single Set / Hair Trigger. NO IDEA quite why people here in the UK shy away from these. The ONLY thing you need to learn is how to disengage it SAFELY if the need ever turns up / a target moves out of shot etc. Get used to using one and I will just about guarantee your accuracy will improve. Often dramatically and especially on heavier recoil calibres.

I appreciate this is one of the most expensive options listed on line. ALL I CAN say is THIS IS WORTH EVERY PENNY.

IT IS THAT CLEAN and unused. It’s also still a GREAT saving on buying new when most will be hard pushed to tell the difference.


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  • CZ
  • 527 American
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  • Right Handed
  • Czechia
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  • 200824/012
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