CZ .22 Hornet 527 American

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  • CZ .22 Hornet 527 American
  • CZ .22 Hornet 527 American
  • CZ .22 Hornet 527 American
  • CZ .22 Hornet 527 American
  • CZ .22 Hornet 527 American
  • CZ .22 Hornet 527 American
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.22 Hornet Bolt Action Model 527 Rifle from CZ. A SUPERB little round that fell out of favour a LOT of years ago. Now, VERY MUCH once again back in demand with good reason.

23 5/8” (600mm) Threaded barrel ready to take any suitable standard ½” UNF moderator. A WELL Figured Hogs Back style stock with a pull length of 14” (355mm). Finishing at an overall length of 42 1/8” (1070mm) and weight at only 5 Lbs 5 oz (2.7 Kg) exactly.

Detachable magazine as well as a factory fitted Double Set or Hair Trigger. These can be and ARE a GREAT aid to accurate shooting. THE ONLY thing anyone needs to know is how to de-cock it safely and quietly if the shot disappears. The ‘Set’ or Hair Trigger is currently adjusted out with only the single pull option operating.

Pre-used with the usual signs of such. However nothing is worth particular mention. Stock itself is pretty well figured and perfectly usable. The metal work IS showing signs of fare wear and tear for a used rifle of its age. No reason why it will not give many more years of great practical shooting for not a lot of money.


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  • CZ
  • 527 American
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