CZ .243 550 American

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  • CZ .243 550 American
  • CZ .243 550 American
  • CZ .243 550 American
  • CZ .243 550 American
  • CZ .243 550 American
  • CZ .243 550 American
  • CZ .243 550 American
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Apparently purchased new 10 years ago to the month and a shot count below 300. He knows that because every spent case (from factory ammunition only) was religiously kept. Unfortunately they do not come with the rifle as one of the sellers mates scrounged the lot.
The stock does have a few minor marks and blemishes but nothing of real note. Most, if not all, will easily lift out with a little steam.
This is a standard ‘American’ Model CZ 550 Rifle with the straight topped stock and raised cheek piece. It does have a few nice dark stripes along with some cross grain ‘Tiger Stripe’ highlights. Not obvious unless held at the right angle. Hopefully I will catch this in the images.
Just GREAT well respected WORK HORSES of the rifle world. 10 years old now and I have little doubt this will still work perfectly well at 110 and beyond.
This is the HIGH GRADE option and comes fitted with a Detachable Magazine and Single Set Trigger. Fully adjustable, these CAN be a massive help for accurate shooting. The ONLY thing you DO NEED to know is how to return the rifle BACK TO SAFE. Should a shot disappear / the animal move etc. but it IS simple enough.

23 5/8” (600mm) original length PLAIN unsighted semi heavy barrel. Stock chequering is still crisp with a pull of 14” (356mm) and an overall length of 44 ½” (1130mm). WELL MADE this tips scales at SOLID 7 Lbs 13 oz (3.536 Kg) bare.

Threaded 14x1mm Metric ready for a sound moderator. Plenty in stock to choose from too.


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  • CZ
  • 550 American
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • 23 ⅝"
  • 14"
  • 7lb.13oz.
  • 1
  • H6671
  • 201021/001
  • Used


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