Howa .243 1500 Sport

Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - S/H

Trade seller - Advertised for 174 days until 4/07/2017 for £495

Information about Howa Rifles

A byword for Japanese style and attention to detail, Howa is renowned by many for its powerful, accurate guns – their famed snipers are even used by the Japanese National Police Agency. The signature Howa model that’s sold across the world is the M1500, a large calibre bolt-action rifle that, while being competitively priced, is incredibly accurate, delicate yet robust. To suit different tastes and needs, the M1500 comes in a range of different colours, finishes and configurations, including: ·         Sporting ·         Varmint ·         Heavy Barrel ·         Custom-made So whether you’re looking for a great gun for hunting or for sporting competitions, the M1500 is a great option.

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# Mechanism Make Model Calibre Bar. Len. Cast Price Age County
1. Bolt Action Howa 1500 Custom .243 R/H £1,095 S/H Lancashire  
2. Bolt Action Howa 1500 THUMBHOLE LAMINATE VARMINT [ NEAR-NEW… .243 20 " R/H £580 S/H Somerset  
3. Bolt Action Howa 1500 Laminated .243 24 " R/H £645 S/H Buckinghamshire  
4. Bolt Action Howa 1500 Laminated .243 L/H £999 S/H Suffolk  
5. Bolt Action Howa 1500 Varmint .243 R/H £495 S/H Cornwall  
6. Bolt Action Howa 1500 GRS Zeiss Package .243 R/H £1,250 S/H Buckinghamshire  
7. Bolt Action Howa 1500 Black .243 R/H £495 S/H Warwickshire  
8. Bolt Action Howa STAINLESS STEEL SPORTER .243 R/H £999 S/H Cornwall  
9. Bolt Action Howa 1500 Black .243 R/H £495 S/H Warwickshire  
10. Bolt Action Howa 1500 Black .243 20 " R/H £645 S/H West Sussex  
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