Kimber .30-06 Classic Select (SPORT)

Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - New

Trade seller - Advertised for 1678 days until 20/11/2022 for £500

Information about Kimber Rifles

For many hunters and shooters, Kimber rifles are the most dependable, accurate sporting firearms available on the market. Featuring barrels, chambers and triggers that are critically renowned for their accuracy, Kimber rifles also employ glass bedding for added strength, as well as individually-finished walnut stocks for added aesthetic quality. There are many different rifles available from Kimber to suit your specific needs – from the 84M Montana .243, among the lightest factory rifles in the world, to the specialised Light Police Tactical (LPT) for law enforcement and the LongMaster classic; a high-performance long-range rifle.

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1. Bolt Action CZ 600 Ergo .30-06 20" R/H £1,263 New Somerset  
2. Bolt Action Sauer 404 Elegance GR 5 .30-06 22" R/H £5,140 New Staffordshire  
3. Bolt Action Savage Arms Edge .30-06 R/H £1,465 New North Yorkshire  
4. Bolt Action Bergara B14 Hunter .30-06 24" R/H £920 New Wiltshire  
5. Bolt Action Sauer S202 LEFT-HAND BARTLIEN ELEGANCE PRECISION .30-06 23" L/H £4,000 New Somerset  
6. Bolt Action Sako 85 M Synthetic .30-06 R/H £1,795 New Herefordshire  
7. Bolt Action Beretta BRX .30-06 22 ½" R/H £1,300 New East Yorkshire  
8. Bolt Action Beretta BRX .30-06 22 ½" R/H £1,300 New East Yorkshire  
9. Bolt Action Browning X Bolt SF Composite .30-06 21" R/H £895 New Wiltshire  
10. Bolt Action Tikka T3X Hunter Stainless .30-06 20" R/H £1,345 New Buckinghamshire  
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