Marlin .30-30 336

Lever Action Rifle (R/H) - S/H


  • Marlin .30-30 336
  • Marlin .30-30 336
  • Marlin .30-30 336
  • Marlin .30-30 336
  • Marlin .30-30 336
  • Marlin .30-30 336
  • Marlin .30-30 336
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SUPERB example of an ORIGINAL and VINTAGE Model 336 Marlin Lever Action Rifle in .30-30 calibre. The serial number ‘double dates’ this rifle to a production between August 1961 and 1962. The letter V as well as the first two digits of 3 and 8. IF the numbers ARE part of the date stamping this is also a VERY early production number at only 51.

Regardless this IS YET ANOTHER SERIOUS ‘sleeper’ coming back into the light. In OUTSTANDING condition for an all but 60 year old rifle. FAST approaching if not already almost a collectors piece. These rifles only ever tend to go up in price after a certain age. If you don’t believe me take a look at what they actually make the older they get. Very Little play or swagger on the action so minimal use so far.
It also puts this WELL BEFORE any Remington ‘problems’!
Check out the Marlin web site and find out a little more about the Model 336 ‘AMERICAS FAVOURITE FAMILY OF DEER SLAYERS’.
(You DO need to scroll down and click on the CATALOGUE section to get anywhere).

Standard 20” (510mm) Micro Groove Barrel all fully stamped up with the old Newhaven, Connecticut details. Original open / iron sights with the flat topped action pre-drilled and tapped ready for scope mounting. As with all Marlin Under lever rifles SIDE ejection so never any problem with a scope.
The American Walnut stock is very typical with a Strong Straight Grain pattern. 13 ½” (343mm) pull bringing the overall length to 38 3/8” (975mm). A plain grip area rifle with no chequering cut at all. The Original Marlin Butt Plate is also still in place.

This is a SOLID feeling rifle. At 7 Lbs 2 ½ oz (3.24 kg) it should. I assume the longer action, when compared to a Model 1894 contributes to this. It also sports a longer ejection port so not ENTIRELY sure if these were not designed to interchange barrels? I don’t say it’s a standard option but this would certainly accommodate a longer cartridge. That said, WHY would you?
This Calibre IS also DEER LEGAL here in the UK for the three smaller species.
One reason why I tend to look for them over and above the ‘usual’ .38 / .357 options. Obviously the .30-30 is equally at home punching paper on a range with suitable loads. Just like any other lever action . As such, in reality, the ‘Best of all Worlds’ for anyone shooting both disciplines. An under lever also makes a superbly compact and fast handling rifle in heavier woodland.


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  • Marlin
  • 336
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • 20"
  • 13 ½"
  • 7lb.3oz.
  • United States of America
  • V3851
  • 210223/002
  • Used


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