Ruger .22 Hornet M77/22

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  • Ruger .22 Hornet M77/22
  • Ruger .22 Hornet M77/22
  • Ruger .22 Hornet M77/22
  • Ruger .22 Hornet M77/22
  • Ruger .22 Hornet M77/22
  • Ruger .22 Hornet M77/22
  • Ruger .22 Hornet M77/22
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.22 Hornet Model M77/22 Bolt Action Rifle from Ruger, America. 20” (508mm) barrel pre-threaded a standard ½” x 20 TPI UNF, ready to take a sound moderator of your choice. Plenty of suitable options in stock new as well as pre-used. 13 ½” (344mm) pull bringing the rifle is at 39 5/8” (1006mm) and a dead 6 Lbs (2.722 Kg) overall.

If the famously compact, ultra reliable Ruger Rotary Magazine is anything to go by the rifle has done very little. It all appears not particularly far from brand new. General condition throughout is excellent with only the lightest of any marks or blemishes. The only real way to see what is there is to catch / turn it in the correct light.

The barrel and action are the traditional Blued finish whilst the bolt itself is Stainless Steel.

Safety is the usual 3 position option positioned and as found on the full bore Model 77 options. Fire / Safety applied, Bolt opens / Safety applied, Bolt Locked closed.

An American Walnut Stock with the Strong Straight Grained option usually found on these rifles. This DOES at least have some decent stripe and colour contrast to show it off.

This is quite a rare rifle in this calibre. That said they ARE one of the few manufacturers still offering this calibre option. But, given when new they cost the same as any other centre fire full bore Ruger. That means approaching four figures / £1000 when new. As such, never a massive seller given limitations for use.
That is not to say it is not a FANTASTIC little calibre. It IS and I DO have a Hornet myself so can vouch for it personally.


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  • Ruger
  • M77/22
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • 20"
  • 13 ½"
  • 6lb.
  • United States of America
  • 720-76160
  • 210114/005
  • Used


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