Sako .243 A ll

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  • Sako .243 A ll
  • Sako .243 A ll
  • Sako .243 A ll
  • Sako .243 A ll
  • Sako .243 A ll
  • Sako .243 A ll
  • Sako .243 A ll
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A .243 Sako Bolt Action Rifle in as original, none molested condition as you might find. Built on their Legendary A11 action too so what many consider Sako’s finest ever. This is the Standard model so no Rosewood grip cap with leaf inlay motif and no Skip or Fox cut chequering but other than that exactly the same rifle. There is really only one thing to detail as there is some light pitting to a small area on the bolt. It has, at some point, been left on top of a damp cloth or similar which has caused a SMALL area of bluing to the shroud at the back to disappear and light pitting. The bolt guide bar is also lightly marked but neither interfere with performance, look or safety in any way and is purely ‘light cosmetic’. When the bolt is in the rifle its difficult to even notice. That said if it concerns you that much both the guide bar and rear shroud could be polished out and refinished or even simply replaced.
As said, near enough completely as it left the factory, the barrel still unthreaded and with only a couple of VERY light marks to the stock. One dot just behind the Forend chequering to the left and a small blemish to the finish 1/3 of the way back from the grip chequering on the right.
23” (585mm) barrel with a 13 ½” (342mm) pull and weighs in as the bare rifle at 7lbs 6oz (3.343Kg).
Not that visible from the images but the stock has some good grain pattern with light ‘Tiger Stripe’ highlights over the full length.
All in all ANOTHER cracking ‘SLEEPER’ which actually came in on the same day with an accompanying similar spec. and condition .308 as well as a 22-250 on an M591 action. All three are great clean examples and well looked after.


  • Sako
  • A ll
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • 23"
  • 13 ½"
  • 7lb.6oz.
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  • 362200
  • 181117/011
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