Sako .243 S20 Hunter (Threaded 5/8x24)

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  • Sako .243 S20 Hunter (Threaded 5/8x24)
  • Sako .243 S20 Hunter (Threaded 5/8x24)
  • Sako .243 S20 Hunter (Threaded 5/8x24)
  • Sako .243 S20 Hunter (Threaded 5/8x24)
  • Sako .243 S20 Hunter (Threaded 5/8x24)
  • Sako .243 S20 Hunter (Threaded 5/8x24)
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The latest edition to the Sako family, the new S20 Hunter bolt action rifle in .243 calibre.

The Sako S20 ergonomic hunting stock was designed with ultimate shooting comfort and ergonomics in mind. Having the best, most ergonomic grip on your rifle improves accuracy without compromising comfort. In an intense hunting situation, this can be the deciding factor between success and failure.

The thumbhole-style pistol grip is made from a unique, soft, high-quality synthetic material with a leather-like texture, giving the optimal grip in any weather conditions. You can perfectly align with the rifle scope with the quick-adjustable cheek piece, and the length of pull can also be adjusted with spacers. The Quick Detachable (QD) sling placements on both sides of the stock enable fast and easy attachment of the sling, improving rifle handling. Sako S20 has an aluminium heart. Its chassis provides a sturdy, high-quality frame for the rifle. This frame brings all the parts together and allows for great modularity. It also carries all the recoil forces through its stock. All S20 accessories are attached to this frame to guarantee strong, secure and easy install.

All Sako rifles, including the Sako S20, feature match-grade cold hammer forged barrels. There are many advantages to cold hammer forged (CHF) barrels: they’re durable, accurate and have excellent tolerances. The cold hammer forging technique changes the structure of the steel, increasing its toughness and making the barrel life of your rifle longer. CHF barrels do not have to be broken in, but instead have superb out-of-the-box accuracy.

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