Sako .308 A ll

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  • Sako .308 A ll
  • Sako .308 A ll
  • Sako .308 A ll
  • Sako .308 A ll
  • Sako .308 A ll
  • Sako .308 A ll
  • Sako .308 A ll
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Classic and THE MOST VERSATILE calibre .308 Bolt Action Sako A11 Rifle in TRULY EXCELLENT condition, given the age / vintage of this model. Yet another ‘Sleeper’ this comes with a Standard Threaded ½” UNF 23” (585mm) Blued Barrel and Action set into a Bonny 13 ¾” (343mm) Well Figured Stock with good Cross Grain Figuring. Overall the rifle finishes at a length of 42 ½” (1080mm) and a bare weight of 7lbs 2oz (3.22Kg).
Basically it’s a SAKO so the usual well respected and well sought after rifles that they always are with the usual specification. Very little evidence of much use at all and very clean inside and out. A GREAT example of an older model Sako which many people consider to be a lot nicer than brand new today.

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  • Sako
  • A ll
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • 23"
  • 13 ¾"
  • 7lb.2oz.
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  • 352691
  • 181117/010
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