Sauer .308 404 XT

Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - New

Trade seller - Advertised for 30 days until 9/07/2019 for £1,900

Information about Sauer Rifles

Founded in 1751, Sauer & Sohn are Germany’s oldest gun manufacturer, with over 260 years’ experience in shooting. This experience is reflected in the superb craftsmanship of these firearms. A combination of traditional elegance and modern features make the Sauer the perfect stalking rifle for use in woodland. The identifiable features include a swift, interchangeable barrel, detachable magazine and precise engineering. Saur riles also benefit from a compact facility which allows the user to shorten the length of the rifle for ease of storage, or travel purposes. These are strong and versatile rifles any gun aficionado would be proud to own.

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1. Bolt Action Sauer 100 FIELDSHOOT BLACK .308 24 ½" R/H £1,580 New Somerset  
2. Bolt Action Sauer S202 AVANTGARDE GRANDE .308 24" R/H £4,300 New Somerset  
3. Bolt Action Sauer S100 FORM THUMBHOLE EDITION .308 22" R/H £1,300 New Somerset  
4. Bolt Action Sauer S100 FORM THUMBHOLE EDITION .308 22" R/H £1,430 New Somerset  
5. Bolt Action Sauer S404 ELEGANCE FLUTED GRADE 6 .308 22 ½" R/H £4,600 New Somerset  
6. Bolt Action Sauer S404 LIMITED EDITION CAMO SYNCHRO WOODLAND… .308 20" R/H £3,700 New Somerset  
7. Bolt Action Sauer 404 Avant Garde Grand Lux .308 R/H £11,768 New Avon  
8. Bolt Action Sauer 404 Elegance Grade 6 .308 L/H £4,575 New Avon  
9. Bolt Action Sauer 101 GTI .308 22" R/H £1,945 New Tyrone  
10. Bolt Action Sauer 404 Stutzen Select .308 R/H £4,995 New Avon  
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