Tikka .22-250 M595

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  • Tikka .22-250 M595
  • Tikka .22-250 M595
  • Tikka .22-250 M595
  • Tikka .22-250 M595
  • Tikka .22-250 M595
  • Tikka .22-250 M595
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.22-250 Bolt Action Tikka M595 Rifle. To many their best version of any from this well-loved maker. A 20 ½” (522mm) pre-threaded ½” UNF barrel ready to take a sound moderator of your choice. Plenty of those new or pre-used generally in stock too.

Stock pull is currently 14” (355mm) including the original makers recoil pad. This has a reasonably well patterned stock. A good strong straight grain through the grip opening out to some nice colour and grain. Chequering is still crisp and sharp to the touch. There is nothing worth a mention by way of marks or damage to metal or woodwork anywhere. Overall very clean inside and out. It weighs in at 7 Lbs 10 oz (3.453 Kg) and an overall length of 40 ¾” (1035mm).

As said, it’s a Tikka and an older model so they basically speak for themselves. Just excellent quality well-made and always sought after guns ESPECIALLY in this LEFT HANDED version.


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  • Tikka
  • M595
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • 20 ½"
  • 14"
  • 7lb.10oz.
  • Finland
  • 997720
  • 200524/004
  • Used


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