Tikka .22 LR T1X-MTR (.22LR &.17HMR)

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  • Tikka .22 LR T1X-MTR (.22LR  &.17HMR)
  • Tikka .22 LR T1X-MTR (.22LR  &.17HMR)
  • Tikka .22 LR T1X-MTR (.22LR  &.17HMR)
  • Tikka .22 LR T1X-MTR (.22LR  &.17HMR)
  • Tikka .22 LR T1X-MTR (.22LR  &.17HMR)
  • Tikka .22 LR T1X-MTR (.22LR  &.17HMR)
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The New Tikka .17 HMR is in store now, Black Syn 20" Barrel.
We only have one in stock so we are not selling this one as there
has been such a demand for this gun we feel we need to keep it in store
so that anyone can come and see it,and hopefully you will pre order
a gun from us as the big shipment is due in about oct / nov.

.22LR 16" BARREL
.22LR 20" BARREL

The Tikka T1x rimfire rifle is designed to handle a wide range of shooting tasks. Its unique barrel has a cross-over profile, which offers you the benefits and stability of a heavier barrel without noticeably increasing the overall weight. It’s a rimfire rifle of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship that performs perfectly at the range and in rough terrain.


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