Weatherby .308 Vanguard

Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - S/H

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Information about Weatherby Rifles

For many, the Weatherby name conjures up images of an all-American magnum rifle, suitable for even the most mountainous terrain. This imagery spans a history of more than 65 years. In which time, Weatherby rifles have been manufactured, developed and refined to become one of the most respected firearms on the market. Renowned for their innovation in production, Weatherby were one of the first rifle manufacturers to produce lightweight bullets which travel at super-speed, enabling a precise and secure shot. So, if you’re after a rifle which guarantees accuracy as well as solid performance, then a Weatherby may be the ideal choice for you. And at an affordable price to boot, these rifles are one of the most sought after firearms in the market. At guntrader, we offer gun lovers a great selection of Weatherby rifles. These range from the new Vanguard series through to their popular predecessor, the Weatherby Mark V.

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