Weihrauch .22 Hornet HW 60J

Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - S/H


  • Weihrauch .22 Hornet HW 60J
  • Weihrauch .22 Hornet HW 60J
  • Weihrauch .22 Hornet HW 60J
  • Weihrauch .22 Hornet HW 60J
  • Weihrauch .22 Hornet HW 60J
  • Weihrauch .22 Hornet HW 60J
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.22 Hornet Bolt Action Rifle Model HW 60 J Weihrauch, Germany.

QUITE SIMPLY A STUNNING EXAMPLE as far as the woodwork goes. Blueing is showing some wear mainly where it has been held whilst carried.

A Maple Walnut 14 ¼” (362mm) Hogs Back Stock with SUPERB Grain pattern and Cross Grain Highlights. Raised Cheek Piece finished with a ½” (12mm) Brown Rubber Butt Pad, Black and White Spacers. Black plastic grip cap. Schnabel Forend and Fox or Skip Cut Chequering always adds that little extra finesse to an already Very Attractive gun.

22 7/8” (580mm) Barrel. Pre-threaded for a sound moderator standard ½” x 20 UNF. Re-finish everything to have an even more exceptional rifle. Or more than tidy enough to simply use as is and enjoy it.

41 7/8” (1063mm) Overall and tips the scales at 7 Lbs 4 ½ oz. Fully Adjustable trigger currently set up for a two stage release which finishes to a very light and clean release.

As usual the side safety is a bit of a ‘cack’. You have to pull it back to fire and push forward to engage safe. A small thing to put up with on such a Bonny Rifle.

Detachable Magazine and Built In Red Tipped Cocking Indicator set into the back of the Bolt. All features to add and contribute to a Top Quality Rifle.

You WILL be HARD pushed to find a Bonnier Rifle. Once this sells it will ‘disappear’ for years as it will be a bit like a marriage. ‘Till death do we part’!


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  • Weihrauch
  • HW 60J
  • Firearm
  • Right Handed
  • 22 ⅞"
  • 14 ¼"
  • 7lb.5oz.
  • 26
  • 28386
  • 200824/007
  • Used


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