AYA 12 gauge Yeoman

Side by Side Shotgun (R/H) - S/H


  • AYA 12 gauge Yeoman
  • AYA 12 gauge Yeoman
  • AYA 12 gauge Yeoman
  • AYA 12 gauge Yeoman
  • AYA 12 gauge Yeoman
  • AYA 12 gauge Yeoman
  • AYA 12 gauge Yeoman
  • AYA 12 gauge Yeoman
  • AYA 12 gauge Yeoman
  • AYA 12 gauge Yeoman
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selling this gun on behalf of an older chap that is sadly giving up the sport.

I used to work for a London Gunmakers and therefore I hope I've collected and described all features of this gun as accurately as possible, giving you all info you need.

As you can see in the pictures this gun is in impeccable condition. The colour case hardening on the action is fully intact and the floor plate also shows little to no signs of wear. Breech pin has not over turned, indicating that this gun has never been taken off of the wood- and the trigger guard pins position also supports this.
The lever, again as with anything else on this gun, shows no signs of wear and the maintains all of its elasticity
barrel blacking is in good condition with light wear at the tips of the barrels. No pitting seen, although the barrels could do with a good clean. Triggers retain all of their colour case hardening- indicating that this gun has not been used a great deal.
A decent piece of walnut is seen on this gun, with forend and stock matching in colour and grain pattern.
There a a few dents that would need to be raised, but there are no chunks missing. The checkering is very clean, indicating that this gun hand not been used a great deal. It is quite apparent that this gun has never been refinished as the checker is free from oil.
Forend iron sits perfectly in the wood- no gaps or nasty movement. Very nice Anson snap button forend.
forend diamond also retains colour case hardening, and the pin is not overturned.

Mechanically, this gun is absolutely sound, there is no wiggling or rattling- the forend fits perfectly.
the barrels nicely kiss the face of the action, no nasty gaps which is very common with second hand side by sides. The bolt perfectly locks the barrels with no issues there. The strikers are held in with discs which known to be a very robust system.
Cocking- the cocking limbs show little sign of wear, and there is a perfect amount of over cock on this gun,
this means that you will get many many years of use before you will see any failure to cock issues.
Being a non ejector you have no risk of ejection prior to cocking, and actually I've always found the constant pop of ejectors annoying, and therefore usually remove the ejector springs from the Southgate system.
This gun offering just lifters will probably reduce the likely hood of sending steaming spent cartridges into the face of the chap manning the trap... Anyway I have always personally preferred lifters.

This is a fantastic little gun and is very cheap for the quality. if it weren't for lack of cabinet space, I would be keeping this myself. Although I struggled to justify my 7th shotgun to my Mrs.. don't think I would live long enough to shoot this if I told her I was going to keep it aha

Put the gun up for £375, but acting as broker here offers will need to be confirmed with the elderly gentleman I am selling this for.

We can arrange viewing for licence holders only. I am based in Biggin Hill.

Any more questions please call me on 07742214274


  • AYA
  • Yeoman
  • Shotgun
  • Right Handed
  • 28"
  • Spain
  • 2 3/4
  • 2
  • No
  • Used


  • Private
  • Jacob
  • Orpington
  • 01689-XXX XXX
  • 07742-XXX XXX

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