Beretta 12 gauge 682 Gold 30" m/c

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  • Beretta 12 gauge 682 Gold 30" m/c
  • Beretta 12 gauge 682 Gold 30" m/c
  • Beretta 12 gauge 682 Gold 30" m/c
  • Beretta 12 gauge 682 Gold 30" m/c
  • Beretta 12 gauge 682 Gold 30" m/c
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This is a second hand Beretta 682 Gold Sporter with 30" multi choke barrels. These were produced in the late 90's/early 2000's just before the 682 Gold E made and appearance. The action has a 'greystone' finish to it which was unique to this model. This particular gun has seen plenty of use over the years, the action has loosened up although there is still plenty of life remaining (a gunsmith could tighten this up at a later date for around £100-125) - the top lever is just past centre, the woodwork has quite a few marks on it and the barrel condition externally isn't great - it really would benefit from a reblue. Internally the bores are clean as you would expect of a chrome lined set of barrels. We took the gun in just prior to lockdown so we have decided the gun is mechanically sound therefore fit to sell, keeping the price down for now, rather than spend out tightening the action and blueing. Post lockdown we will most likely send it to the gunsmith for some work.

The 682 range of guns has a proven track record for being a decent choice for general clay shooting or for use as an out and out competition gun, the balance and handling is lively but there is enough weight in the gun to absorb some recoil on a busy day. The barrels are vented to allow the barrels to cool quickly on a warm day. The stock is well proportioned (although it has been shortened to finish at 14" including a recoil pad) and comes with a small palm swell which fits the hand comfortably giving the user greater control of the gun.

We have the original box with a mixture of flush and extended chokes.

Part exchange welcome.


  • Beretta
  • 682 Gold 30" m/c
  • Shotgun
  • Right Handed
  • 30"
  • 14"
  • Multi & Multi
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  • Italy
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